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55 Years Old and Great Skin

Kathy's before and after
Kathy’s before and after
Fine Lines, Wrinkles
Fine Lines, Wrinkles

I didn’t need convincing to try online services like Kohls, Amazon, or eBay. It just made sense to use services that were convenient and had great products that I knew I could return easily if they weren’t exactly what I wanted.
That’s how my Rodan + Fields skincare business works. It’s risk-free, just like most online ordering businesses. This picture shows how R+F has helped my 55-year-old skin.
I’m confident it will do the same for you. R+F offers a Premium Skincare product created by two of the most famous dermatologists in the world. And there’s a 60-day money back guarantee.
Some people think its expensive but will spend $3.45 on one Tall Caffe Mocha at Starbucks every day of the week, which also adds up. It’s all a matter of what’s important to you!
If skincare is important and you’d like to try R+F, I can show you ways to make your products last a little longer – therefore, limiting how often you need to order them.
You could have radiant looking skin before Christmas.
Would you like to learn more? http://www.kathyshelto.myrandf.com


Skincare at 50+

In May of 2015  I started a new skincare routine.  At 54 years old I found Rodan + Fields skincare and it had me celebrating my age!!! Prior to R+F is used a bar of bath soap and Lubriderm lotion to cleanse and moisturize my face. I was happy with the way my skin felt but I was definitely showing signs of my age. Rodan + Fields skincare products have changed my skin and that has helped me to feel better about myself.

These were my results when I first began using R+F in 2015.

Kathy's before and after
Kathy’s before and after
Although selling R+F isn’t the joy of my life, I totally believe in the products.  I’ve seen how they’ve helped hundreds of people and my own experience has been proof enough for me that they are worth the investment in yourself.
If you want to read what I wrote about my experience with this MLM, look here:   https://soultalkgirl.wordpress.com/2017/12/29/living-dreams-instead-of-setting-goals/
I’ll share some more info on Rodan + Fields skincare products in the future and share more photos of myself and other users. In the meantime here’s some info if you want to look into it on your own and order through my R+F website:
The NO-HASSLE way of ordering the #1 Skincare Brand in the U.S. RODAN & FIELDS
Here are 3 NO-HASSLE ways of having access to all of the #1 R+F branded products! Use the website and CID code below to begin your no-hassle adventure into the best skincare of your life!
1. Retail Customer – Go to rodanandfields.com
(Use the Find Your Formula tool to get the best recommendation for your skincare needs.) Use this CID#: 1617753 AT CHECKOUT Enjoy the products and have no further obligation to order again!
2. Preferred Customer – Go to rodanandfields.com
(Use the Find Your Formula tool to get the best recommendation for your skincare needs.) Use this CID#: 1617753 AT CHECKOUT. You pay a one-time fee of $19.95 to get a lifetime 10% discount on all products. As a Preferred Customer you also get FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $80.00. You are automatically signed up to receive replenishments every two months (you can delay as much and as often as you want ). You control when and if you get products. No commitment—cancel anytime. (You get Priority Customer service.)
3. Consultant for the Discount – Sign up as a Consultant in order to get the BEST DISCOUNT on products. Go to rodanandfields.com. (Use the Find Your Formula tool to get the best recommendation for your skincare needs.) Use this CID#: 1617753 AT CHECKOUT. Some people order an initial business kit to get multiple regimens to try at the consultant discount. At the basic level you pay $45 and start ordering products. You do have to pay for shipping on the products you order this way, but it also gives you access to a lot of special offers and discounts. If your friends and family order products through your Consultant program, you can make some extra cash. To start a Consultant Application you use CID#: 1617753  to enter the application.
*Purchase of a $45 Business Portfolio is all that is required to enroll as a Consultant and start your Rodan + Fields business. Residents of North Dakota may enroll without purchasing a Business Portfolio.
Any way you chose—it’s hassle free!
All R+F products are guaranteed for satisfaction or your money back!
Rodan + Fields provides the best in Customer Service!