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Soul Talk Girl at 55 – My Skincare Routine for Anti-Aging

About a year and a half ago I started a new skincare routine.  At 55 years old I’ve found a skincare product that has me celebrating my age!!!

The Redefine products by Rodan + Fields have changed the way I see myself and have given me a new confidence.

In this video I am sharing my day and night time routines.  Prior to Rodan + Fields I didn’t spend a lot of money on skincare, but my skin also showed it. My daily routine was a bar of soap and Lubriderm lotion. I was happy with the way my skin felt but they didn’t make my skin look better.

(I have to laugh at myself that I dropped something on the floor while I was recording this video. I love the fact that I don’t have to be perfect in videos and can show a little humor. After all, humor helps us stay younger also, right?)

As promised in the video I am adding in my before and after pictures showing the results I have experience by using R+F.  I think the photos speak for themselves. These were the results I had when I first began using R+F in 2015.

Kathy's before and after
Kathy’s before and after

This is a recent photo of me.

Redefined by R+F at 55
Redefined by R+F at 55

Needless to say, I’m very happy with my skincare.


55 Years Old and Great Skin

Kathy's before and after
Kathy’s before and after
Fine Lines, Wrinkles
Fine Lines, Wrinkles

I didn’t need convincing to try online services like Kohls, Amazon, or eBay. It just made sense to use services that were convenient and had great products that I knew I could return easily if they weren’t exactly what I wanted.
That’s how my Rodan + Fields skincare business works. It’s risk-free, just like most online ordering businesses. This picture shows how R+F has helped my 55-year-old skin.
I’m confident it will do the same for you. R+F offers a Premium Skincare product created by two of the most famous dermatologists in the world. And there’s a 60-day money back guarantee.
Some people think its expensive but will spend $3.45 on one Tall Caffe Mocha at Starbucks every day of the week, which also adds up. It’s all a matter of what’s important to you!
If skincare is important and you’d like to try R+F, I can show you ways to make your products last a little longer – therefore, limiting how often you need to order them.
You could have radiant looking skin before Christmas.
Would you like to learn more? http://www.kathyshelto.myrandf.com

Dreaming About Long Eye Lashes? Wake Up To A Dream Come True

In an article written by Phoenix Plastic Surgeon,  John W. Bass, MD, titled “9 Reasons Women Want Longer Lashes” he describes the desire many women have for long, lushes eye lashes. And while some women are naturally gifted with long lashes, there are those women who have done everything possible to get them, including falsies, prescriptions, OTC products, and lash extensions. They all have their horror and success stories and some women just settle for layering on three applications of mascara. UGH!

There’s a new product coming to the consumer market on November 2, 2016, that needs a serious look for those in the market for longer, fuller looking lashes. It’s creators, Drs. Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields, who also happen to be the innovators behind Proactiv, the acne solution, have done it again with a life changing product!

They’ve already captivated thousands with their new line of premium skincare line called Rodan + Fields, and now, with LASH BOOST, they’ll captivate another audience of people wanting longer, more lushes appearing lashes.

Rodan + Fields’ newly launched Lash Boost, (available to the public on November 2, 2016) is a a nightly serum with lash-building biotin and keratin. It’s 4 weeks to WOW and 8 weeks to WHOA! (And it works on brows too!)romieyelashes

To add to the excitement of a new product launch, Rodan + Fields is putting together a fun Holiday Offer (Nov 2, 2016 – Jan 2, 2017). This bundle includes 1 Lash Boost, 1 Multi-Function Eye Cream mini, and the cutest Travel Pouch with Lash Illustration that you’ll love. Retail price for this Holiday bundle is $150.00. Preferred Customer pricing is $135.00 for all three items!

If you just can’t wait, becoming a Consultant is the way to get your hands on it right now – with the added benefit of the consultant discount! Visit my site: https://www.kathyshelto.myrandf.biz to sign up as a consultant now and get your Lash Boost right away.

So, what is it about having long lashes that makes a person feel better? Dr. Bass describes the reasons behind wanting long lashes:

  1. Long lashes are a universal symbol of beauty.
  2. Countless surveys show that men are more attracted to women with beautiful eyes, and eyelashes enhance the eyes.
  3. Having beautiful, full, longer eyelashes framing the windows of a woman’s soul is similar to placing a complimentary frame around beautiful photograph.
  4. Long lashes can create a dramatic effect that can seduce even the most resistant men.
  5. Long lashes can make a woman’s eyes look wider and more open which has always been a sign of femininity.
  6. Women with longer lashes can take advantage of many more options for applying makeup.
  7. Longer lashes in photographs show up so much better than short or sparse eyelashes.
  8. Long lashes help increases self-esteem. When we look good, our confidence and self-esteem is boosted and we feel good about ourselves. Many women who feel insecure think that having lovely eyelashes will make them look better, which is true because they really do enhance beauty.
  9. Long lashes can make you look incredibly attractive in just a matter of minutes. Some even say that the perfect eyelash is the shortcut to applying make-up.

With the release of Lash Boost to R+F customers right around the corner – November 2, 2016, you’ll want to hook up all your girlfriends with Lash Boost and get started on your own 8 weeks to Whoa! If you think you can wait until November 2nd, log into my Rodan + Fields ordering page – http://www.kathyshelto.myranf.com – and get your Preferred Customer status ready so you’re ready to order as soon as its available. In the meantime, check out the other life changing products and walk through the steps of our Solution Tool to see what products would best suit you. Preferred Customers get Free Shipping on all orders over $80.00.

Here’s to great lashes!