About Soul Talk Girl

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive;
and to do so with some passion,  some compassion,
some humor,  and some style.
Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.
If you don’t like something, change it. – – –Maya Angelou

Creating Soul Talk Girl came out of a desire to write and share hope, encouragement and direction. It’s common  for women in their 50s to start re-evaluating life.  That’s what I am doing – daily.  I’m not in crisis – I am in transition.  I’m discovering the essentially important things in my life.

This is a very different platform for me – sharing my journey publicly. I’m very private when it comes to sharing my true story. I’m not, by nature, one to bare my soul. In doing so here, I pray that it will help you heal, discover, and be able to pass along your own growth to others.

I’m a magnet for those in need, for those who need to share their story and their burdens. It’s not surprising anymore to meet a perfect stranger who bares their soul to me within 10 minutes of knowing them. If I could bottle up the compassion that pours from my soul, I could make a fortune. It’s a natural part of who I am.

Too many of my years have been spent worrying about how other people perceive me. The stress has affected both my mental and physical health. In searching and finding ways to become free of those chains that weigh me down, I want to share my discoveries with you.

It’s freeing to finally have the courage to:

  • share my story
  • encourage you and make you smile
  • help you feel more confident and to love who you are
  • teach you to live with a positive attitude
  • show you how to feel better from the inside out/outside in

This is also a platform for me to share how I’ve lived life as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) and how it has affected my life both negatively and positively. I’ll share how I’m learning to fit into a world where everyday life can be very overwhelming.

It’s also a platform to share my struggles with anxiety and depression, mental health issues I have dealt with the majority of my life.

As we search our souls together,  discover ourselves, and learn to live without striving, I’m here to celebrate all positive change in your life and in mine.

Life is Better When We Do It Together! Glad you joined me in this journey.

Kathy a.k.a. Soul Talk Girl


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