Millionaire in Seat 23C

About three months ago I was on a flight from Tampa to Atlanta and randomly was seated next to a millionaire.  It’s normal for me to strike up a conversation with whoever is sitting next to me. I love finding out about how other people live their lives.

The man was Myron Golden, someone I had never heard of before. That’s the cool thing about millionaires. There are so many of them today because of the opportunities presented to anyone open to new ways of earning money. The internet has changed the way people shop and do business, making it possible for anyone to make an income online.

I asked Myron a lot of questions and he divulged a lot of information. I felt blessed because his live seminars cost way more than my plane ticket, and I had his full attention for almost an hour. His energy and clarity and conviction were what struck me the most. His message was clear that anyone can get ahead financially with the right mindset and with ambition.

One of the things that struck me the most was his comment about how rich peoples’ mindsets are different. He said – “One of the differences between rich people and poor people is that poor people entertain themselves and rich people educate themselves. Poor people spend a large amount of their money on entertainment, but rich people spend a large amount of their money on education. Keep in mind this is self-education, not necessarily higher education like college and grad school.”

He suggested getting rid of television completely so the distraction wasn’t even present. I can see where I’ve wasted a lot of time on mindless televisions shows and movies. If I had been spending as much time learning new things as I have on entertainment that other people have created to make money, I may be farther ahead in life than I am.

Myron sent me two of the books he has written. “From The Trash Man To The Cash Man – how anyone can get rich starting from anywhere.”  AND “Click and Order For Brick and Mortar – online strategies for offline market domination”.

I like his thinking that you don’t have to be a millionaire to be rich. But that “poor people remain poor because they believe that the only real purpose of money is spending it. If you spend your money, that means your money doesn’t stay with you long enough to reproduce itself. You must understand that the main purpose of money is not spending. The main purpose of money is reproducing more money.”

I am facing a new year – like the rest of you – yeah for 2017!

What I do with this year is totally up to me.  My challenge to myself is to educate myself as much as possible and learn new things. I’m excited for what is to come!

Happy New Year!clickandorder




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