Moving on to 2017!

The start of a new year -2017!  Only hours away. . . . .

I can’t say that I’ll be unhappy to see 2016 go away.  It had its share of ups and downs, joys and heartaches, stagnancy and growth.  One thing I do know – I’m grateful every day for all of the blessings in my life.

I’m blessed that my husband, Todd, has put up with me for 23 years and we become closer and more in love as we grow older. We’re so happy that we stayed together through some of the toughest storms of our lives. Times where we could have called it quits, but chose to stick it out. There’s no one I’d rather live my years out with.

My son, Andrew, has been one of my biggest inspirations as he so patiently and with wisdom, helps me to become a better person. He’s encouraged me to stretch myself and lean toward things that will change my life for the better.  I am so grateful for the gift of being his mom.

We gained a son-in-law over the summer and we’re grateful that Josh and Emily found each other. They find such joy in seeking out new things to do. We’re excited for them as they start their new life in Nashville.

College life has been good for daughter, Kaitlyn.  God has given her such a fun sense of wit and humor. We are always amazed at the doors of opportunity presented to her and that she chooses to take on the challenge of walking through them.

Knowing that I’ve raised caring and respectful adult children feels like such an accomplishment, but I wouldn’t have been able to do that without the guidance of God in my life. I give him all of the glory.

I’m grateful that I still have my mom, at 85 years old, to laugh with and to cry with. What an inspiration she has been. What a joy! What an example of a faithful woman of God. I can only imagine the things I have been spared from because of the hours she spends in prayer for me and my family.

I’m also blessed to still have my biological dad, at 85 years old, in my life. He has encouraged me and been there for me when I’ve needed an ear.  I felt complete when he came back into my life 20 years ago and am so grateful for the relationship we’ve been able to grow since then.

At 55 years old I’ve learned that it’s never too late to grow and stretch myself. I’ve searched out and learned helpful things, and weeded out things that I know are not so helpful in my growth.

During 2016 I met some of the most encouraging and hopeful people I now call my friends.  I’ve grown through the teachings of some of the most well-known inspirational speakers. And I’ve grown through the mentoring of one very special Aussie friend (thank you Naz!)

I’ve become more comfortable with who I am and have embraced my silver hair.  That would not have happened without gaining confidence from using a new skincare. I look better, therefore I feel better. That’s not a pitch for my skincare business, but a testament to taking a risk and making a change in my life, which resulted positively for me in so many ways.

Starting a blog – Soul Talk Girl – has also been a challenge for me. I’ve not been one to share a lot of my personal life in a public way, so this is stretching me. I’m praying that my life experiences will help others to overcome some of their problems.  My blog is

The point is that I’m growing. Every day I’m reading or listening to someone who is smarter, healthier, or richer than I am. Every day I push myself to become a better person. I’ve been challenged to become better, healthier, smarter and richer at 60 than I was at 50. I’m looking forward to a year that will bring me one step at a time closer to that goal.

Happy 2017 to you and may your New Year be filled with challenging yourself to grow!



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