Supporting Small Businesses Through the Holidays



As the holiday season begins I’d like to share something important. I cherish the relationships I’ve built online in both my personal and business relationships. Within this internet community I’ve met the most beautiful people who have enriched my life in so many ways.

With that said, I am asking you all to consider small business owners as you are buying gifts for friends and family members this holiday season.

Small businesses owners are just people who have chosen the non-traditional form of “work” to provide an income for our families. We have built either social selling businesses, home-based businesses, or small brick and mortar stores to make a living and to sell products or services that can benefit you and your family.

As individuals, we can’t compete with the one-stop variety of Walmart or your nearest mall, but we do have products that could possibly replace the things you buy regularly at these places.

So…here is what I ask of each of you to consider as you start shopping for holiday gifts:

****Want to buy someone you love life changing skincare products? Contact me for Rodan + Fields Skincare.
****Want to get a holiday manicure with your coworkers? Host a Jamberry party at home.
****Before purchasing a Yankee candle, ask around for a Gold Canyon or Scentsy consultant
****Before sniffing everything in Bath and Body Works, ask if anyone sells home made & local.
****Looking to grab a scarf, sweater or some mittens for grandma? Ask if any of your friends knits or crochets on the side at home.
****Instead of seeking out cosmetics at the mall – find a Younique Rep.
****How about the latest bags? Thirty-One is a great choice.
****Looking for Jewelry, scarves, essential oils, books, clothing, etc.
– – – – – you get the idea!

Whatever you do, please consider supporting your friends’ or families’ businesses. It can really make a difference in their future!! 💕

If you are a direct sales consultant or local business, please feel free to share your link, web address and/or products below! (Fellow Rodan + Fields Consultants – please for obvious reasons, do not post your website.)


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