Living The Uncommon Life

Don't let the crabs bring you down!
Don’t let the crabs bring you down!

Have you ever tried reaching for a goal – something very different from what you’ve always done – and have someone criticize you for it?

It reminds me of the story of the crabs. If you have a bucket full of crabs you never have to worry if they are going to get out. Why? Because if one tries to get out the other crabs in the bucket will actually pull him back down!

If you’re reaching for a better way of life – starting a new business, cutting back on spending money to get out debt, or even avoiding the lunchroom gossip to get a more positive attitude . . . chances are someone is going to ridicule you for it.

It’s not fun making those unpopular choices, but just know this:


No matter what you may try to do, there will always be those “crabby” people who will try to pull you back down to their “reality.”

Keep scratching up the side of the bucket and do everything you can to reach the top.

There’s no telling what you’ll be able to grasp onto in life once you shake loose from those “crabby” claws.



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