Rummaging for Fun and Profit

Saturday mornings usually consist of rummaging in and around the neighborhood I live in.  Yard Sale – Rummage Sale – Tag Sale – Garage Sale –  they are all the same thing. What makes my neighborhood so much fun is that most of the homes are 50-70 years old and many of the people in them have lived in them for 30-50 years.  You can imagine the fun things that people sell!

I started rummaging over 20 years ago out of necessity. Since then it has become almost an obsession. The thrill of the hunt and meeting new people makes it so much fun. The fact that I can save money and make money doing something I totally enjoy makes it even more fun. The goal is to buy things that I need for myself, my family or my home, and also to buy things to resell and bring in an additional income

We didn’t have a lot of money to buy new clothes and furniture and household things brand new when the kids were little. And being the rather frugal person that I am, I haven’t seen the necessity to purchase anything brand new, with the exception of personal garments, car seats for infants, shoes and a couple other things that I wouldn’t like used. I will only buy furniture used if its in perfect condition, unless I plan to refinish it.

I’ve heard the comment before that its icky to buy someone else’s used clothing. My thought on that is if I purchase something new and I wear it and wash it once – its used. If someone else has worn it and I take it home and wash it, there is no difference. And with that, I have been able to buy better quality clothing and have a more extensive wardrobe. I’m not into brand names, but if you are, rummaging in the right neighborhoods can be the way to go if you have a taste for better clothes but are on a low budget.

A lot of people get rid of their clothes in rummage sales. This is where I come across a lot of really nice, name brand, sometimes still with the tags on, clothes.  I often hear that someone is getting rid of their clothes because they have gained weight. I like to think of that as their gain is my gain.

The bottom line is that whether you call it Rummage, Tag, Yard or Garage Sale – you can benefit by either buying useful things for everyday use or buy to resell to make some extra money. Either way is a win – win for you.

You can take a look at my eBay site here:




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