Challenges and Blessings . . . Are They the Same Thing?

Circumstances are life.  Should we allow circumstances to shake us?  Life is all about changes and trials and challenges.  It’s about learning how to deal with different types of people in all types of situations.  Struggles are a part of life.  No one gets to go through life without a bump in the road now and then.  There is going to be pain.  There is going to be sorrow.  There is going to be challenge.  But do all these things have to shake us?  Not if we have learned to put first things first.

When I find myself knowing that my dependence on God is the single most important thing in my life I am putting first things first.

I am seeing God’s hand in so many areas of my life.  I am also facing giants that seem to want to destroy me.  Do I look at the giants or do I keep my eyes on God?  My life challenges are proving to me that I cannot do life alone.  Everything I do is critical to realizing my need for dependence on God.  I’m seeing that nothing matters more than my relationship with God.

So, if my challenges are driving me to have a deeper dependence on God, is it possible that my challenges are my blessings?


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